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“Winners don’t do different things.
They do things differently”

09 Module Program
1. IMPORTANCE OF ATTITUDE: Building a positive attitude
2. SUCCESS: Winning strategies
3. MOTIVATION: Motivating yourself and others every day
4. LISTENING AND COMMUNICATION: Communicating either through silence or word or actions 5. SELF-ESTEEM: Building positive self-esteem and image
6. INTERPERSONAL SKILLS: Building a pleasing personality
7. SUBCONSCIOUS MIND AND HABITS: Forming positive habits and character 8. GOAL-SETTING: Setting and achieving your goals
9. VALUES AND VISION: Doing the right thing for the right reason

Module 01

Foundation of success is ATTTUDE

1. Change focus from negative attitude to positive attitude
2. Learn and practice “Do-It-Now”
3. Practice the attitude of gratitude (thankfulness/ appreciation/gratefulness) 4. We need positive thinking everyday
5. Bought high self-esteem
6. Stay away from negative influences ( Take away 80% time from life) 7. Put it back into the system ( foundation for leadership)
8. Assertive: Showing Firmness & Politeness in a positive way.

Module 02

Success is a Progressive realization of a worthy Goal
"Progressive" means that success is a journey, not a destination. We never arrive. After we reach one goal, we go on to the next and the next and the next. "Realization" means it is an experience. Outside forces cannot make me feel successful. I have to feel it within myself. It is internal not external. "Worthy" refers to our value system.

--- Which way are we heading? Positive or negative?
Worthiness determines the quality of the journey. That is what gives meaning and fulfillment. Success without fulfillment is empty. Why "Goals" are important?
Because they give us a sense of direction.
Success does not mean being accepted by everyone. There are some groups I would not want to be accepted by, out of choice. Success and happiness go hand in hand. Success is getting what you want and happiness wants what you get! Success overcome problem too. Existence alone is not success! It is a lot more!

Factors that take you away from success or contribute to failure:

1. EGO : When a person takes anything personally & being hurt by that thing, this leads to Ego 2. Negative Attitude ( Problem in every situation)
3. Fear of failure ( Paralyzed people)
4. Lack of Ownership ( Lack of Responsibilities)
5. Lack of Deadline (No direction)
Two types of people – Problem Focused and Solution Focused Factors that make person Successful:
1. Target Oriented
2. Leadership Quality
3. Do-It-Now
4. Persistence
5. Team Player
6. Integrity
7. Family Support
8. PMA
9. Solution focus

Module 03

Factors that “DE” motivate a person ( both at work & at home): 1. Discouragement
2. Negative Criticism ( Unfair/ Public humiliation –Criticize the issue not the person) 3. Low Income
4. Value system mismatched ( Incompetent / Hypothetical Boss) 5. Unfair comparison
6. Unrealistic Expectation
7. Unfair evaluation
8. Negative Environment
9. Dirty Politics

Steps to giving constructive criticism / Feed back
1. Criticize like a coach with caring attitude
2. Be specific
3. Criticize the behavior not the PERSON
4. Benefits of correcting
5. Loss for not correcting
6. Why criticizing gets your facts right
7. Always give the opportunity to him to explain
8. Don’t be sarcastic
9. Don’t bring Personal Issue
10. When Criticizing—Be cool but be firm
11. When realize the mistakes—Congratulate them
12. Always make effort to close the conversation with POSITIVE note and correct dose 13. Timing of Criticism—at the time of respective (Good Mood)

Steps to Receiving Constructive Criticism
1. Accept graciously, not gratingly/harshly.
2. Evaluated criticism...
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