element of personal peace

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Elements of Personal Peace
-= Process =-
By Vinson Gao

PACE 315
Dr. Haaheo L.A. Guanson

Joy is easy to find in the destination, but it is hard to find in the process. In our daily life, we do things for all different purposes. Some of them are obviously for finding joy and happiness. However, people think joy can only be found when we accomplished something that takes time, process, and efforts to do. Most of those people would never think of that they could actually enjoy the process instead of only enjoy the moment that they reach what they want. For example, we watched the peaceful warrior in the class, the gas station man said, journey brings you happiness, not the destination. This quote suddenly gave me a lot of inspiration for solving the puzzle of why do we work so hard for something, why should we have a goal for our my life, why should we try things that we never did before, why should we push our limit to innovate our daily life, why should we go to work or school everyday, and why we should do this and that, etc. I believe the quote cracked the ultimated problem that the existence of human being in this universe.

By comparing the journey and the destination, journey takes most of the time than destination. Destination has the most tempting reward than journey. Why should we find joy at journey instead of only finding joy in destination? The reason is journey takes most of our life time before we get to all their destinations. Therefore, why should we suffer and get bored in the journey for most of our life time? Now we should change the way how we think about this. We should learn how to find joy from every journeys we have no matter how difficult, frustrated, boring, and exhausting they are. Time is valuable, so we should enjoy every moment we have.

About the Element
What if I told you that the biggest threat to find joy in the process is not your lack of passion, your lack of creativity, or your lack of skill? What if I told you that the biggest threat to finding joy at your journey is your mind? That’s right. Your mind is the biggest obstacle standing between you and all the work you are trying to accomplish. Our mind is often the one that needs the most convincing that our work is worthwhile. This is because our mind is hard-wired to protect us from any possible danger. You see, in order to protect us, our mind initially perceives anything it encounters as a threat—including work, training, or running that anything make you feel hard, boring, irritating, and exhausting, even though they are actually not what you thinking. If this sounds strange, and kind of primitive, as if your mind is trying to protect you from a tiger hiding behind a tree in a jungle—then you’re absolutely right. Your mind is still pretty primordial. So, your job to find joy at any unpleasant situation is to hack into this primordial, hunter-gatherer mind, and update its software so that your mind works for you.

Here are just 4 ways to hack your mind so that you can find the element of personal joy and become infinitely more interesting in the process or journey of what you are trying to do: 1. Bypass your mind.

2. Trick your mind.
3. Lower your mind’s expectation

Pratice the Element
1. Bypass Your Mind
Think of your mind as the bouncer at the popular new club in town. Think of “the club” as the writing that you need to get “into.” The bouncer, your mind, is not going to let you in to the club because first it needs to check to see if you’re on the VIP list. He needs to pat you down. He needs to ask you pointed questions, see who you’re with, etc. In the meantime, the bouncer is delaying you from entering the club. In the end, he may even decide to not let you in the club for some arbitrary reason. But remember: you’re not just anybody. You own this place. You don’t need to go through any stinkin’ bouncer. Please. You’re like Robert...
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