Defining Success

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Defining success
I want to be successful. All people have a shared goal of becoming, “successful,” but everyone in the world has their own ideas of what success is. To some success may be defined as a social status and financial abundance, but to others success is defined as happiness. The Merrium-Webster dictionary defines success as a favorable desired outcome. I think the correct definition of success is being healthy, having a career that is fulfilling to myself, having the ability to have financial freedom, having a happy home and family, having a healthy relationship with a significant other, and being someone who you are genuinely proud of being. In order to be a successful person and do all the things you need to do to get to your, “desired outcome,” you need to be a healthy person. Being healthy could mean working out every day or in my case it would mean playing field hockey, which is something that I am passionate about doing, so that makes playing fun. I strongly believe that being active affects the level of happiness you bring to your life. Every person has their own passions and their own interests in different topics. I have a strong interest in the Medical field and everything that has to do with Anatomy and Biology likewise I love working with people so my dream is to become an anesthesiologist. In order for me to define my career as successful I want to have full days of helping others. I want to be ready to go home at the end of the day, and wake up excited to go to work. I believe my success will be directly linked to my background. When I was younger I watched my single mom struggle. I know it was really hard for her because she was going to school, working full time, and taking me back and forth from day care. Because of her I never had a doubt in my mind about going to college, it was just something I knew I was going to do, but I wasn’t sure what I was going to do in school until my aunt got sick; every day I watched her suffer...
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