Achieving Success in the Face of the Unknown

Topics: World War II, Adolf Hitler, Face Pages: 2 (547 words) Published: March 11, 2014
Anna Wright
Mrs. Buckley
AP English
20 February 2014
Achieving Success in the Face of the Unknown
During World War II, one of the greatest thefts in history was occurring. Adolf Hitler was adamant about expanding his private art collection and filling it with the finest art of Europe. A group known as the Monuments Men worked to stop this by recovering and protecting these priceless artworks. Along their way, they came across numerous challenges they had to face and overcome. These encounters did not stop them from getting what they wanted, just like my challenges trying out for the volleyball team did not stop me.

Trying out for a school team does not sound like something that could cause much trouble. Well, in seventh grade I was terrified. I had heard different things about the coach, Mrs. Tavel, and how she could be pushy sometimes. She was known for always saying, “Don’t be sorry, be good,” and I just asked myself what I had gotten in to, not to mention I am not the most confident person. On the other hand, I did prepare myself as much as possible for the tryouts, slaving away countless hours in my backyard, setting the ball to myself. Well as I got to tryouts I realized everyone else was already lined up and had their numbers on. This was the moment that I wanted to run out screaming. Despite this, I walked up and got my number. I went to the first station of the tryouts, which was serving. I made every single one over the net, which was a huge accomplishment for a seventh grader! From here on out I was on fire. I had made all the proper preparations to make the team, and I was proud of myself.

I would like to relate my very small achievement to a quite larger one, that of George Stout, the renowned MFAA commander. Stout once said, “But when I look beyond the weak spots, I can notice those men who pursue knowledge for the common benefit, or labor for sound structures rather than for gain.” While on the front lines of the...
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