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Overcoming Failure

By kelsmarie123 Jan 11, 2013 328 Words
I believe that the American Dream is something that people can still achieve. Although it isn’t something that you can grab however,and perchase. Indeed you have to earn it. You may fail before accomplishing the American Dream. Just because you fail doesn’t mean you can’t accomplish your dream you can always try something different and still be successful. However, don’t let anyone or anybody destroy your dream or ever tell you that your not going to amount to anything because that’s not true. I can refer to this beacause Bill Gates and President Barack Obama is an prime example of the American Dream. Barack Obama didn’t have that problem he believe his teachers and family told him that he would be successful. On the other hand Bill Gates did kids at school criticized and laughed at him calling him dreadful names. But that did not stop Gates from accomplishing his dream. He kept pursuing his dream and at the end of the day when it was all said and done Bill Gates became successful. In which, I include Colonel Sanders failed plenty of times before he was able to find the right recipe for what’s for known today as KFC one of the world’s best fried chicken restaurants. Colonel Sanders tried over 1,009 times before the recipe was successful. Now that its successful there are KFC’s restaurants all over the world. As you can see people have reached their American Dream however, Bill Gates and Colonel Sanders over came there failure and lived there dream. Here I prove to you in my conclusion that its reachable you just have to work hard at it and never give up. This is true stated evidence. So don’t take it for granted. Live your dream and remember this (Motivational Quote) The difference between a successful person and others

Is not is not the lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, But rather in a lack of will.

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