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Week 2 – MS Access Lab Requirements:
Problem 4.4
Retrieve the S&S In-Chapter Database (in Microsoft Access format) from Doc Sharing or the text’s Web site (or create the tables in <link linkend="ch04table05" preference="0">Table 4-5<xref linkend="ch04table05" label="4-5"/></link> in a relational DBMS product). Write queries to answer the following questions. <emphasis>Note</emphasis>: For some questions, you may have to create two queries—one to calculate an invoice total and the second to answer the question asked. 1. You must include a screen shot of the query (or queries) created and a screen shot of the results for each question. 2. Be sure you include the question and label your queries as 4-4.x (where x=question letter). 3. Paste all screen shots into a Word document and save the word document as WK2_Lab_LastName_FI.docx. 4. Place your completed lab in the dropbox.

Grading for this assignment will be as follows:
Answer the following questions based on query results 25 Points Total| Query| Results| a. How many different kinds of inventory items does S&S sell?| 1| 2| b. How many sales were made during October?| 1| 2|

c. What were total sales in October?| 1| 2|
d. What was the average amount of a sales transaction? * Table Query = 1 * Table Results = 1.5 * Query = 1 * Query Results = 1.5| 2| 3| e. Which salesperson made the largest sale? * Table Query = 1 * Table Results = 1.5 * Query = 1 * Query Results = 1.5| 2| 3| f. How many units of each product were sold?| 1| 2|

g. Which product was sold most frequently?| 1| 2|
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