Academic Writing "Peet's Coffee and Tea"

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Academic Writing
Peet’s Coffee & Tea
Coffee culture is the “art of enjoying coffee in a relaxing atmosphere” (Elton, par.1). Coffee had been Americans favourite beverage since yearly years. Coffee might not be so popular without Starbucks chains which represents the American coffee culture (Elton, par.1). However, Alfred Peet introduced first gourmet coffee in America before Starbucks was established (“Starbucks”). Alfred Peet was born and grew up in Holland, where his father had a coffee business (“International Directory”). After the Second World War, Peet moved to Indonesia where he worked and learned the tea trade (“International Directory”). When he came to America, he understood how poor was the coffee quality in America even though it was a rich country (“Alfred Peet”). Peet had a brilliant idea to start new gourmet coffee business and opened his first store in North Berkeley, California; therefore, he began to blend his own dark roast beans. Peet’s Coffee & Tea spread quickly among people and become popular as its fresh and high quality products (“Alfred Peet”). Peet more emphasized “quality over quantity and the roasting of fine beans” rather than opening new stores (“International Directory”). Alfred Peet was an adorable entrepreneur as his developing the coffee culture and implementing creative ideas to market his products; additionally, maintaining strong relationships with his customers, partners and employers helped the company to grow and expand; furthermore, his dedication to serve the freshest and highest quality coffees made the company more admirable (Boone and Kurtz 608).

Alfred Peet was a successful entrepreneur, a business leader who takes risk to “seek a profitable opportunity” and focuses on own new business’ prospect and development (Boone and Kurtz 185). In 1966, he created his new business and started to sell his own brewd dark roast beans at his first retail store which was located at Waknut and Vine streets in North Berkeley...
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