ABC supermarket

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ABC Super Market

The owner of the company Mark steel is looking for a solution to attend to the problems which ABC company is facing and to find the possible solution through this report. ABC is a local supermarket that offers a wide range of products to local customers who work, live and stay in the city. ABC is a new established company that has 30non managerial employees, and 5 supervisors, 1 manager. There is the list of the requirements that this ABC supermarket is facing and as the manager of this supermarket i have to address the following issues: Underground car parking is not sufficient to handle the large number of customers The trolley stands are not evenly distributed throughout the car parking No covered area for the customers to stand in wet weather

Bakery counters should be enlarged
Employees are either late for work or absent
Improving financial stability of the supermarket while addressing general problems.

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As per the situation in the current ABC supermarket store, owner Mark Steel has raised many issues and concerns regarding the functionality of the firm and customer service. I have tried to understand the situation, formulate and present a solution to the owner in respect with his concerns and providing him the solution needed. ABC supermarket is a new established company which is located in Auckland city. ABC offers a wide range of products to local customers who work and stay in the city, these are bakeries, snacks and drinks, cooking ingredients, homecare, deli and chilled foods, hot meals, meats and seafood, as well as personal care. 1.1 Objectives for the report

Addressing to the problems regarding the following:
1 underground car parking
2. Trolley stands
3. Covered area
4. Bakery counters
5. Employees
Considerations for improving future of ABC Supermarket and improving company’s economic situation by satisfied customers.

After having understood the problem and concerns that I have to look after, I have collected the different data from the departments and other issues that influence the abovesaid concerns. I tried to hypothesize many solutions that we can implement to address to our problems. These problems were shortage of car parking, absence of trolley stand, less uncovered area, small bakery counter and absenteeism and problem of workers who are coming late. At first step, I planned my report and hypothesized the solutions possible. Secondly, I created a first draft of my report and now am designing my final report I tried to get all important information by using secondary sources which I had written in planning report or first draft, example: I checked some websites and collected all useful data which I need, here are some examples of those web sites’t-super/…/.guideto.dealing.employees
To make this report better I searched more information from some primary sources example-company’s sales report, customer’s feedback, complaints list etc. From above websites I got some solutions related to my work problems. I cached data what I was needed for and I used that data to solve those problems.

Challenges for ABC supermarket:

3.1underground car parking- the underground car parking is not sufficient to handle the large number of customers. During the busy hours customers usually spend 10-15mins to find a suitable carpark.That is one of the reasons why we have less customers, for the improvement of company’s situation we need to improve first underground car parking by adding some more space or leasing some additional space nearby. More point:- 3.1.1 Wet weather- New Zealand is...

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