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8 1 Work File Cff

By CHRISF051813 Nov 13, 2014 366 Words

8.1 Work File
Detour for Effective Verbal Communication
Review the sentences below. Practice writing the sentences into "I" statements by using the "I" statement patterns provided below. After you feel confident you understand the concept of "I" statements, proceed to the assignment area and take the 3.1 Effective Verbal Communication online quiz. "I" Statement Patterns

I feel............when you..........because I........
I think.......when you....because I
I need....for you....because I

A. "You” had better not cheat on that test!" ("You" statement) B. I feel angry when you cheat because I have to work hard for my grades. ("I" statement)

1. "You always interrupt me!"
I feel mad when you interrupt me, because I be doing things I want to get done.

2. "You won't listen to me, because you are always talking on the phone with her!" I think I should step out always when you are always talking on the phone with her, because I you don’t listen to me.

3. "You'd better straighten up or you'll be looking for someone else to date!" I feel embarrasses when you act that way because I never seen you like this.

4. "You are always telling me that I never clean my room, but I do clean it!" I need for you to clean it everyday because I have guess people coming to look around.

5. "You never let me go out with my friends, Mom!"
I think I should clean more when you won’t allow me to go with my friends, because I get tired of being in the house 24/7.

6. "You never seem to listen to me. I'm trying to tell you about my day in school and all you do is watch TV. Why can't you ever pay any attention to me?" I feel bad when you watch TV, because I be want to tell you about my day in school.

7. "You are always late for practice."
I need for you to run, because I don’t like late players on my court.

8. "You must let me use the car Saturday night, Dad!"
I need to go over my friend house, because I need to talk to her face to face..

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