Critical Thinking

Topics: Critical thinking, Fallacy, Straw man Pages: 3 (581 words) Published: June 19, 2013
Name _Jordan Peterson___________

Critical Thinking Week 2 Homework (50 pts)

1. (12 pts.) Label each definition with the appropriate name of the fallacy from the following list. (Note there will be two fallacy names that are not used.)

Ad hominem/attacking the person| Ad ignorantiam/appeal to ignorance| Ad populum/appeal to the people| Ad misercordiam/appeal to pity| Begging the Question/Circular Reasoning| Equivocation|

Red Herring| Straw Man|

A. Sliding from one meaning of a term to another to make a case. _Equivocation______

B. Introducing an irrelevant or secondary subject and thereby diverting attention from the main subject. _Red Herring_______

C. Arguing that a claim is true just because it has not been shown to be false. _Ad Ignoratnium _______

D. Summarizing the opposing view in a way that is very weak so that it is easy to refute and therefore makes one's own side look stronger. _Straw Man____________

E. Appealing to the emotions or general sentiment of the crowd. _Ad Populum_______

F. The reasons that are given to support a conclusion already assume that the conclusion is true. _Begging the question_

2. (12 pts.) Label each passage with the name of the fallacy from the following list that best fits the passage. (Note two fallacies will not be used.)

Straw Man| False Dilemma|
Ad misercordiam/Appeal to Pity| Persuasive Definition|
Ad populum/Appeal to the People| Complex Question|
Poisoning the Well| Begging the Question/Circular Reasoning|

A. "Will you follow your conscience and not your pocketbook and donate to our cause?"__Complex Question ____________

B. "Don't tell me you are childish enough to believe that there is more to life than money."_Poisoning the well______________

C. "I know I am constantly late for work, but if you fire me, then my family will starve. You can't fire me." _Ad misercordiam_____________

D. "America: Love it...
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