Narrative Planner: The Pomegranate Seeds

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Narrative Planner—“The Pomegranate Seeds”

Who? Character Name: King Pluto

How would you describe this character?
- King Pluto is a rich man, but is lonely and wants Proserpina to be his maid. I think he hopes she falls in love with him and then marries him so he won’t be lonely anymore.

- Because he asks Proserpina to be his maid and starts describing his house to her and makes it a point to tell her if she tried escaping his dog would bite her to keep her from running away.

Physical appearance:

King Pluto is a white man, wearing a Greek Robe, and looks like a Greek God.


He’s lonely and wants someone to be with him and to love and take care of him.


He’s determined and restless. He will do whatever it takes to get what he wants.

Why? Because he won’t let Proserpina go.

What? Conflict

King Pluto came from under the ground and took Proserpina against her will so she could be his maid.

Conflict Experienced:

Since Pluto kidnapped Proserpina, he now has a new maid.

How does this character respond?

King Pluto has Proserpina do whatever he wants in his palace.


Write some words or phrases that will help you describe the setting of your story. Where do the events take place? What does it look like there? What does it feel like there?

The setting is in King Pluto’s palace that no one knows about (unless you live there also). It is called Seaside and is pretty much a secret hideout.

My story takes part in parts one and two.

Exposition- In the beginning of the story Proserpina wanders off into the forest, despite her mothers warnings.

Rising Action- Proserpina goes to pick some flowers for her mother, but a beautiful shrub of flowers catches her in a trance. She doesn’t realize what is going on until its to late.

Climax- King Pluto kidnaps Proserpina, claiming he wants her to be him maid and take care of his needs around his palace.

Falling Action- He...
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