750 Word Creative Writing

Topics: 2007 singles, 2008 singles, Debut albums Pages: 2 (798 words) Published: January 9, 2011
Homework for reading week. 750 words.

I’m glad I finally told you what happened, but don’t be too mad at me, Sis, okay? It wasn’t my fault! Okay, okay, not entirely my fault. But you can say nothing to me cause you cheated on him too, so… and you don’t really love him, do you?

Oi! How long are you gonna stay in the bathroom?! I need to go to toilet! Come on! Hurry up! Do you hear me?
You know, Sam’s got a crush on you. Yes he does, I can tell you that! You two would make a great couple, you know? Come on, it’s so obvious he likes you! You can’t be so blind, can you? It’s so pathetic how he waits for you at the end of the class to carry your books to the next class even if his class is at the other side of yours. He won’t even stop staring at you during the class, what does he even like about you?! He’s weirdo… I guess that’s why you two would make a lovely couple! You should care a bit about him you know, and stop being such a bitch to him…

Hey! Are you dead or what?! Leave me some hot water little rat or I’m gonna tell mum you’re stealing all the water! For crying shake, get out of the bathroom! I really, really need to pee!
Sis? Are you really mad at me? Come on, you deserve better than him you know? He cheated on you with me! You should break up with him; he’s not worth it! And – and – and I’m in love with him… I can’t do nothing about it, can I? It’s my hormones! You can’t control them, you know, that’s what the Science teacher told us in class. I’m not a liar! Go and ask her if you want! She said your hormones get all fizzy in your body and they won’t stop until you have… you know… and that’s why we were together last night – well actually the night you two got into a fight and you told him to fuck off! I guess that’s what he did in a way. So you can’t blame him! And I told you it was my hormones’ fault so you can’t blame me neither!

Pleeease! Open the damn door! Come on, Jane! I’m peeing myself, please!!! You’re a little rat! Stop...
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