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one of the controversial issue has been moved up which is the profanity in media nowadays, especially on television and radio. On the other hand, Federal Communication Commission or FCC argues that FCC has the authority to not broadcast any obscene materials that show profanity in any circumstances. On the other hand the U.S Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit dispute that television and radio that show incident or accident profanity they should not be fined and banned by the FCC. In My opinion...

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Persuasive speech "Profanity is taking over America"

in todays society, profanity is an expected part of life; so integrated into our culture that parents don't even refrain from swearing in front of their own children. The billboard music charts have song that have lyrics that when translated into more "scientific" language sates "this feces is bananas. Artist like Eminem have song titles that I would not repeat in front of my little cousins. And thus my thesis: Profanity is taking over America. So let's analyze what profanity is, who uses it and...

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Cursing: Profanity and Younger Generations Media

being shy about using them. Swearing has become publicly used, and broadcasted, globally via all media connections. From comedians on television to radio hosts on the morning radio, it seems every person if expressing their use for these words. As profanity grows more common to daily life, the use of it is more often used with the expanding media. Varying in so many media communications, the effects of those words can cause more damage than expected, as the chances of the younger youth following the...

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Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger Holden's hate for the loss of innocence. His fascination to save the innocence, erasing profanity and Aliie's baseball glove.

male of female. He cares about them so much, becuase they haven't lost their innocence, unlike adults who are all "phonies." There are three main things he does and talks about, that shows his concern. His fascination to save innocence, erasing profanity, and Allie's baseball glove. The first thing he constantly mentions is the loss of innocence. Holden seems to gravitate toward children; he shows them respect more then anyone else. He backs this up by mentioning how childrem are not phonies. Whenever...

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Obscenity: Profanity and Nice Manners

Kurt Vonnegut’s essay “Obscenity” manages to blend together satire, personal experiences, and Vonnegut’s dark sense of comedy into an off topic but interesting experience. With lines such as “I cannot believe that Victoria herself would have suffer a moment’s genuine dismay if I had shown her the picture of my asshole which I drew for my book Breakfast of Champions.” (4) That can make you wonder whether Vonnegut is actually intellectual or more visceral as the essay lunges towards its conclusion...

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A Literary Critique of Catcher in the Rye

he doesn’t feel like telling anymore of it. I would agree with critics and it is a “dangerous” book because of vulgarity, violence and sexual content, etc. The book does, in many ways, go against school rules; drinking, swearing, smoking, profanity, etc. However, the book “speaks right to high school students. It is very appropriate for high school students,” but as the critic goes on to say that you have to be mature enough to read the book and understand it. I don’t agree with it being...

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breaking bad habits

I was raised in a house hold where the use of profanity was more common than family dinners; I’ve adopted my family’s potty mouths and I would like to stop because it drives me crazy and my boyfriend says its un-lady like. When I’m in a professional setting, around my parents and other elders like a light switch I can turn the profanity off. When I’m interacting with my peers it’s almost like I don’t have a filter, unless I say the sentence in my head a few times before I actually verbalize...

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Catcher in the Rye Essay

because of message of book or sometimes they are banned because of profanity, and also books can be banned for their cover if it suggest a offensive matter. For a book to be banned a group of people, or a person has to challenge the book. The American Library Association banned the novel The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger because it was challenged by many people, and school because it was one of the many book that was banned for profanity, sex, and slang. The Catcher in the Rye is a story about a 16...

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Censorship Taboo Language

shared morals and values. In America it is taboo to use profanity in public family settings. Our society does not openly accept all language usage equally. There is a time and place for every thing. It would not be socially accepted to use fowl language at a nice dinner, or for the president to make a public speech that contained any type of profanity. So why does our society so strongly support this notion that people should speak free of profanity in most everyday conversation? Censorship. Our public...

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Refutation Paper

The government does see profanity as a problem but not a significant problem. The United States has an obscenity law that prohibits any regulation or suppression of what is considered obscenity. Profanity has been a problem in today’s society as children pick up profanity from movies, music, and TV shows. Censoring profanity is a way for parents to protect their children from picking up obscene words or viewing obscene images. Many Americans are against the use of profanity in media and in public...

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