5s Implementation

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A dissertation submitted in partial Fulfillment of the requirement for the award of Degree in

Master of Fashion Technology

Submitted By

Under the Guidance of


We have done our project on implementation of 5S in the organization Karna Apparels Pvt Ltd. We chose sewing floor and trims store for the best implementation of the 5S. The results were satisfactory and the production increases upto 12 % within a month.

The following report consists of the introduction to the organization along with the proper description of each department. A practical approach of the 5S was successful in the organization.

The 5S is shown with the help of proper visual images clicked before and after the implementation of the 5S.

"This is to certify that this Project Report titled "Implementation of 5S in the Organization" done by Kratika Singh and Vanshaj Kumar is based on their original research work, The matter embodied in this project work has not been submitted earlier for the award of any degree to the best of my knowledge and belief and is conducted under my guidance towards partial fulfillment of the requirement for award of the Master's Degree in Fashion Technology ,of the National Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi.

Ms. xyz


We would like to express our gratitude to all those who gave us the possibility to complete this project work. We want to thank the Department of Fashion Technology of the former National Institute of Fashion Technology for giving us permission to commence this project work in the first instance, to do the necessary research work and to use departmental data. We have furthermore to thank the honourable Guide, Ms. Riju Jakhar whose help, stimulating suggestions and encouragement helped us in all the time of research and for writing of this project work Especially, we would like to give our special thanks to her whose patient help enabled us to complete this work. We are highly thankful to the management and staff of the Karna Apparel Pvt. Ltd, Noida for their appreciable support during our Research project. we would like to give our special thanks to Mr. R S Kalra (personnel manager), Mr. Bhairav Singh ( senior merchandizer) for their invaluable support and guidance. These people have been a constant source of encouragement and have provided us with the means and the opportunity to pursue our Research Project.



• •

Introduction to organization Karna apparels Pvt ltd. Vision and mission Quality policy Infrastructure Clients Product Range

1 2 3 4 6 7


• •

• • • • • •

Introduction to the departments Merchandising Market Merchandising Product Merchandising Costing Flow diagram for merchandising department Sampling Department Basic Work flow Types of samples Machine details Work flow of Sampling Fabric sourcing Storage Process flow Diagram Purchasing Department Flow Diagram for purchasing department Fabric Audit Department Fabric inspection Flow Diagram Accessory Department AQL Chart Flow Diagram of Accessory department Cad Room Cad room working Cutting Room Basic work flow Actual cutting process Spreading Cutting Block cutting Sorting and Ticketing

8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 17 19 20 20 21 23 25 26 27 30 32 32 33 37 38 39 39 40 40 40 41 42

• • • • • •

Bundling Embroidery Fusing Work Flow of Cutting Department Production Department Flow Diagram of production floor IE Department Embroidery Department Washing Department Quality Assurance Department Finishing Department

42 43 43 44 45 48 49 52 53 54 57

Chapter-3 • • • • • • •

Project Work Implementation of 5S methodology Practical Approach to the successful practice of 5S Scope of improvement for Karna Apparels Pvt Ltd Visual impact on sewing floor and trim store Analysis Comparison of work place before and after 5s Conclusion References...
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