501 leadership level 5

Topics: Communication, Writing, Graphic communication Pages: 8 (1549 words) Published: October 19, 2014
1.1 Review the range of group and individual whose communication need to be address: As a manger communication plays a very big role. Mangers need to communicate with different people in different mode. Communication should be effective and leave a happy and satisfactory impact. Listening to the team and understanding what they need to say, is the first rule of effective communication. There are wide range of people I need to communicate with daily, weekly and less frequently basis that includes the other managers, visitors, parents, care workers extra. I communicate with all these people in writing, verbally and by listening. When I am communicating with these people mentioned above as well as in the graph I use different skills for example if I am talking to a visitor , I make sure that they should feel valued , supported and understood. On the other hand if I am talking to my junior staff I make sure they understand my instructions. I make sure that they understand that they have to do what I requested them but at the same time they are happy and motivated. These are the example of few people I communicate with. I will not write all of them in here except the other manager, with them we require mutual respect and understanding.

Relationship and contacts:

Parents Other Managers visitors

Team Including Voluntary Relationship Children And contacts

Marketing Care worker People
Mode: Speaking, Listing...
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