Topics: Communication, Nonviolent Communication, Organization Pages: 2 (539 words) Published: July 5, 2014
Communication is the transfer and understanding of meaning. The information and ideas needs to be conveyed. With communication and it to be achieved then it needs to be understandable as well. In this paper I will go over the functions of communication. I also will be discussing informal communication and the “ grapevine “ impact on culture, sharing of information, and transparency. In the conclusion I will provide my insights on the process of getting employee input and the feedback. Throughout the paper I will also discuss different types of communication that are known, like the direction of the the communication flow.

The ability to communicate to where it is effective is in the hands of a manager. They need to be able to have the skills to communicate successfully. It is a fact that anything and everything a manager does involves communication. There is two types of communications that is important to managers. The first one is organizational communication. This type is all the patterns, networks, and the systems within an organization for communication. The second on is interpersonal communication. This is where two or more people communicate.

There are four major functions in communication. Those functions are motivation, information, control, and emotional expression. Employees behavior needs to be controlled in several ways, this can be done through communication. Motivation part is used to communicate what needs to be done. How well the employees are doing and how to improve their work strategies. The release of emotional expression is just as important. This is where employees can communicate their feelings on job issues, rewards, or whatever they feel the need to discuss with their place of employment. The information part is pretty simple. This is to get the information out to the employees so they know what needs to get done for the company.

Informal communication is that it is not defined by the higher ups of the organization. This...
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