The Purpose of Internal Communications Within an Organisation

Topics: Communication, Public relations, Management, Information, Decision making / Pages: 3 (638 words) / Published: Feb 25th, 2011
Communication is defined as the transmittance of information. Good communication involves a two way process either by a formal or informal means. It can be written, spoken or virtual or it can occur with people in groups or individually. Internal communication between employees is an essential foundation for the benefit of any organisation. As the workforce diversifies, it has become one of the most important forms of communication to the organisation. The purposes of internal communications are to manage the receipt and dispatch of information to the users, build stronger internal associations and act as a means of process support for the organization.
In the organisation, internal communications are used to manage the receipt and dispatch of information to the users. Usually, information from top management has to pass through various channels and levels of hierarchy to get to the lower level personnel, but with internal communication, providing information can go directly to the relevant persons. Senior level management can provide information to staff after meetings or conferences by way of emails or the intranet, that way everyone receives the information at the same time. Managers can also used this medium to provide feedback that is clear and concise, informative and independent and without ambiguity.
Moreover, internal communications can be used to build stronger internal associations, forging alliances between management and work teams. Internal communications helps employees to understand the organisation’s vision, values and culture. By the use of orientations, meetings and leadership teams, internal communication within the organisation will be strengthen. These are just some of the ways that communications help to improve the quality of feedback in the organisation. Orientation sessions to introduce new employees and provide them with an overview of the organisational structure and its policies can be set up through the office intranet and they are

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