4ps of Toyota

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4ps of Toyota
Exercise 1: Use comma in the following sentences.
1. In theory, the dark smoke from the burning oil wells absorbs sunlight and the surrounding air is heated.
2. The anticipation that biological and chemical weapons would be used caused unprecedented stress for the troops.
3. It seems that she answered the question easily but her answer was actually quite complex.
4. It can be beneficial to register for classes early yet each student must wait his or her turn.
5. Analyzing the data reveals public support of conflict for as environmental issues become a variable, attitudes towards war become more complex.
6. Because of mass destruction to the system, sewage overflowed and spread diseases.
7. He could either go to the store or go to the basketball game.
8. She worried about finding someone to take care of the dog and provide a good home for him.
9. I did not want to go to class nor did I want to write that paper.
10. I did not want to scare him so I did not tell him about the accident.
Exercise 2: Use comma in the following sentences.
1. In Twain's novel racism provides unique symbolism.
2. Eventually I got around to finishing the term paper.
3. In fact the planet Mars glows red on a clear night.
4. With sweat pouring down his face the point-guard stepped up to the free-throw line.
5. Quickly I ran down the street to the corner store.
6. At the casino Mike lost his money and his pride.
7. Pausing only for a sip of water the runner continued on at an exhausting pace.
8. Although I was tired I finished the paper by the 6:00 A.M. deadline.
9. Sleepily the student designed this wonderful exercise.
10. Reluctantly the prisoner accepted his fate.
Exercise 3: Instructions: in each blank space in the paragraphs below, provide a comma where it is appropriate or write a small-case "x" where a comma is not necessary.

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