Saving Game

Topics: Annelid, Scientific method, Earthworm Pages: 4 (881 words) Published: January 11, 2013
Purpose: To save Fred’s life !
Background information:
We have to save Fred from drowning.
If we drop him in the water Fred will die.
Fred has only 2 lives.
We can’t stab Fred with the paperclips because if we do he will also die. We have to try to get the lifesaver which is under the cup in order to save Fred’s life & keep him from drowning. Once we put the lifesaver on Fred he will be safe but we have to be careful when we’re picking up the lifesaver and Fred with paperclips.

If we grab Fred with a paper clip and we move the cup with another clip we can get the lifesaver which is under the cup with another paper clip and we sort of push Fred in the lifesaver until we got him inside of it completely !

1. Lift Fred with a paper clip.
2. Move cup away with another paper clip.
3. Lift lifesaver with a paperclip.
4. Push Fred in life saver using another paper clip.
5. We saved Fred’s life !!

1 gummy worm
1 lifesaver
1 plastic cup
4 paper clips

1. We picked up Fred carefully using one out of the four paper clips we had. 2. Once we had Fred picked up we tried to move the cup with another paperclip. 3. Fred slipped from the paper clip making him drown and leaving him with only 1 life left. 4. We picked up Fred with the same paper clip we used before. 5. Once we moved the cup it revealed the lifesaver that was underneath it. 6. We picked up the lifesaver with a paper clip.

7. We tried to push Fred inside the little hole of the lifesaver. 8. We used 3 clips. 1 that was lifting Fred, the other one which was lifting the lifesaver and the other one we used it to push Fred inside. 9. We finally got Fred inside the lifesaver !

Conclusion Questions:
1. What is discovery science?
Discovery Science is a scientific methodology which emphasizes analysis of large volumes of experimental data with the goal of finding new patterns or correlations, leading to...
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