435 Job Analysis Paper
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Job Analysis Paper
Violet Madrid
Psy 435
Maureen Oats

Job analysis is a very important piece of the building blocks of Industrial Organizational psychology . Conducting a job analysis provides knowledge of capabilities to the individual interested in the profession and the organization that is interested in hiring the individual. Knowing the capabilities of the individual is key in determining how productive the individual is capable of being in the desired profession. A process must be done is to identify the attributes—the KSAOs that is needed for performing the tasks required for the job and to perform the worker-oriented behaviors described in the job. The KSAO’s are Skill –a practiced act , Ability -the stable capacity to engage in a specific behavior", other characteristics, Personality variables - interests, training, and experiences. After these KSAOs are identified, tests and other assessment techniques can be done to measure those KSAOs. A variety of personality test can be done before entering college to access which career would fit an individual. If the desired profession is to be a residential therapist, it would require the right personality and skill set for the job. A residential therapist skill set would need to provide to a broad range of services because the job requires to work directly with individuals, families couples and groups in a variety of settings, such as mental health clinics, private practice, hospitals and schools. The residential therapist would be to treat psychological problems, resolve conflicts, reduce stress and promote mental health. Some clinical psychologists may also be involved in teaching at the colleges or universities level. A person who chooses to work in this filed would require a well-rounded personality with strong ethics and a desire to help people who are in need. It takes a person who is a great listener who is compassionate, patient and sensitive. It is also important to have great communication skills and

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