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Topics: Education, Educational psychology, Teacher Pages: 3 (648 words) Published: March 31, 2015
In this assignment I will explain why roles and responsibilities are important, while linking them to the professional standards 2014 and to current legislative requirements. I will analyse my own roles, responsibilities and boundaries in planning, managing and delivering learning, based around Anne Gravells 2012 teaching cycle. I will also discuss the application of learning styles to meet the different needs of my learners.

‘All we need to do is to manage the differences among our children by recognizing their strengths and weaknesses, planning lessons accordingly, using teaching strategies and adapting our curriculum to fit each child’s abilities and background’ (Shaeffer, 2004).

I am currently teaching learners with Severe to Moderate Learning Difficulties, delivering life, living and social skills, which is embedded, throughout with literacy and numeracy.

As a teacher my own roles and responsibilities are to develop a provision that will have a positive impact on my learners, by being creative and innovative. To evaluate my role I have to plan resources, adapt my teaching methods to continuously meet the ever changing needs of my learners. This can inspire and motivate my learners to achieve and progress. This links to the new 2014 Professional Standards (See appendix B) It is a requirement from my employers and the government that I continue to improve my teaching practice and stay up to date in my specialist area. To do this I follow the current codes of practice and current legislation: (See appendix A)

Equality Act (2010) – to prevent discrimination of my learners in and out of the classroom Safeguarding of Vulnerable Groups Act (2008) – this is paramount in my specialist area, it is one area I continually update my knowledge on and pass on good practice to both my learners and colleagues. Every Child/Citizen Matters – the 5 key outcomes are embedded in my schemes of learning and lesson plans. Special Educational Needs Code of...
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