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Role and Responsibilities - Support Staff

By BKHuser Oct 14, 2012 549 Words
Support staff

Teaching assistant (TA) / Learning Support assistant LSA
- compliments the Class Teacher and support learning for all pupils. - works under the guidance of the Class Teacher
- would not be expected to undertake any direct teaching responsibilities or lead the class, however may be required to supervise the class in the temporary absence of the teacher. Duties and responsibilities can include: planning, delivering and evaluating teaching and learning activities with the Class Teacher, helping to prepare for lessons, assisting pupils who require additional support, observing pupil performance and behaviour, setting up resources and using ICT.

Playworkers & School Midday Supervisors and Assistants (SMSA) / Lunchtime Supervisors/Assistants - look after the welfare of pupils in school during the lunchtime break. Responsibilities and duties can include: supervising pupil behaviour indoors and outdoors, helping younger children with tasks such as cutting up food, ensuring the health and safety of pupils at all times, distributing and tidying away lunchtime resources, assisting with play activities, dealing with any misbehaviour and reporting to a senior member of staff. All midday staff are expected to be aware of safeguarding and child protection legislation and their responsibilities in relation to this.

Cover Supervisors (typically found in Secondary schools)
- to cover short-term absences of teachers such as unexpected sick leave or professional development - setting work for pupils in accordance with school policy, - behaviour management and supervision,

- collecting work at the end of the lesson and reporting back to the appropriate senior member of staff.

Learning Mentor
- support, motivate and challenge pupils who are underachieving in schools as a form of pastoral support. - to help pupils overcome barriers to learning caused by social, emotional and behavioral problems. Duties and responsibilities identifying pupils who would benefit from mentoring, liaising with parents and carers, implementing strategies to support pupil confidence, listening to and helping pupils resolve a range of personal or social issues, monitoring pupil attendance and working closely with teachers and other professionals across the Children’s Workforce.

Caretakers and Cleaning Staff
- upkeep and maintenance of the school premises and grounds. - maintaining the security of the school during the school day and during any extra-curricular events or - activities, dealing with grounds maintenance,

- carrying out basic repairs,
- stock taking and supply and
- developing relationships with outside contractors.

Catering Staff
planning menus, following guidelines on nutrition and healthy eating, preparing meals, complying with food safety legislation, monitoring and managing supplies within a budget and developing relationships with food suppliers

Science & ICT Technicians
provide valuable information, resources and expertise to support teaching and learning

Maintain library resources; show, encourage and help develop research skills; help with ICT related topic within library environment

Clerical and Administrative support staff

Schools Business Managers (Bursars) / School Administrator
- to manage the school’s finances, policies, resources and planning. - may also undertake a range of other bespoke responsibilities to support the smooth running of the school as a centre of the local community. - may be part of the senior leadership team in the school and work closely with the Headteacher and Deputy Head to plan the staffing, budgets and running of the school.Receptionists, Personal Assistants or Front Office staff - provides a key role in the day-to-day running of the school, - communication between staff, pupils and parents,

- handling of staff rotas, parent enquiries, pupil absence and admissions.

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