Tda 2.6 Help Improve Own and Team Practice in Schools

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Why teamwork is important in schools
Making a school successful takes more than individual effort, it takes teamwork. Individuals need to work together towards shared goals and commitments focusing on meeting the academic and social needs of all pupils in the school. Whilst it is important to know and succeed in your own role within the school it is also beneficial to have knowledge of others roles within your team and how you all can work effectively together. It is crucial for the team to have regular meetings to enable the staff to implement new ideas or plans, solve problems, discuss, prioritise and accomplish important tasks, which in all will benefit the pupil’s education and school experience.

Characteristics of an effective team

Lack of selfishness
A sense of common purpose
Shared Responsibility
Regular and open communication
Respect and trust
Commitment to the aim

The purpose and objectives of the team in which you work

Supporting a named child
If you work with an individual child you may also work alongside others such as SENCO or external professionals, who may come into the school such as the following, •Education welfare officer
Occupational therapists
Educational psychologist
Speech and language therapist
Specialist teachers

Giving general support within a specific class or department Within a primary school the purpose of thee assistant is to work with the class teacher and in many cases with other adults and assistants who may work together. Within a secondary school the assistant is more likely to work within a specific department or a subject that you have a particular strength in. A clear understanding of your weekly and daily activities and tasks should be available through discussions with teachers and access to plans. These plans should also inform you of the roles and learning intentions of other adults. Within a year group

If the school in which you work is large...
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