4 Hour House

Topics: Team, Building, Attribute Pages: 3 (915 words) Published: May 4, 2012
With a “We Can Do It!” attitude Team A managed to build a house in 2 hours and 55 minutes, creating a world record under strenuous conditions. The video “Four Hour House” showed us a competition based out of San Diego. This motivational video illustrates the principles of total quality management and team work. But in a regular situation how can we actually build leadership from the ground up? This four hour house was built with a high performing leadership team. High performing leadership teams have clear guidelines and expectation all times, these guidelines is what allows them to be high performing. Let’s take the “16 attributes of high performing teams” (Bb) and apply them to the 4 hour house video, in order to see if all attributes were in place. 1.Need to have clear goals. In this case the clear goal was to build a 3 bedroom, 2 bathrooms and have it in ready to move-in conditions in under 4 hours. 2.Goals are known and supported by all. In the video this was demonstrated by where during the “pep-talk” we saw some of the contest participants talk about their time goals concerning the house. 3.Goals can be achieved in steps. This attribute was set through a list of times and tasks that kept both team A and team B in check. This list planned the whole process of building the house and at the same time it recorded the achieve time in comparison to the planned time. 4.Excellence is the only acceptable standard. This attribute was set into place during the entire process of building the 4 hour house, as only a house in excellent conditions would pass the inspection and be ready to “move-in”. 5.The team and its members get immediate feedback on how they are doing. This is also completed through the tasks and timing list. It allows members to constantly know where they should have done better and were they are doing great. A good example of this is when team B quickly discovered that it needed to reset the roof by re-aligning it again with the serge of the...
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