Assignment 201 task A

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Assignment 201 task A
Assignment 201 Task A
Ai Describe for different methods of communication
Visual communication which includes photos, signs and symbols and picture cards
Verbal communication which includes talking either on the phone or face to face
Non-verbal communication which is sign language, body language and hand gestures.
Written communication such as letters and emails.

Aii Identify five different reasons why people communicate
To give and receive information and instructions.
To find out the needs of other people.
Share knowledge and opinions between each other.
To understand each other and ask questions.
To express feelings.

Aiii Give two reasons why it is important to observe the reactions of an individual using the service when you are communicating with them
To watch the individual’s body language and understand if they are happy with what is being said and understand what is happening.
To see if there are any changes in the individuals behaviour such as anger, frustration or the individual becoming upset, this could indicate abuse or any other safeguarding issues.

Aiv Explain why it is important to find out about an individual’s
a) Communication and language needs
To make sure you can meet the individual’s needs and provide the correct equipment or aid. Such as pen and paper, hearing aids or just communicating through signs.
b) Wishes and preferences
To make sure the individual is happy with the service being provided and can feel comfortable with the member of staff and be able to talk to them about any problems or issues they may have.

Av Explain how good communication can have a positive effect on the way a social care worker interacts with
a) Colleagues
It can help with teamwork by understanding how others are working. It also means that everyone will know what is going on and can follow the same methods.
b) Individuals using the service and carers
The individuals will learn to trust the care workers and feel confident in

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