Benefits of change in an organisation

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Benefits of change in an organization
Company moves forward and keeps up with technology
Moving department’s staff are multi skilled and can move from departments when there are staff shortages due to illness holidays or staff living the orgsnisation Promotions.

More interesting work environment, with different challenges to keep motivation levels high Better working conditions
Administrative practices can be improved.

Staff ownership of innovation and ideas

Barriers to change

Non acceptance of change
That will never work tried it before
Reorganization of department staff, resources, money
Trained level of staff e.g. callers which is currently the case Training may be necessary e.g. national game, auto caller

Overcoming the change and innovation

Change has to be planned for eg training new caller on regular basis, Good communication to over come fears
Teamworking, hands on approach when necessary
Extra support from key workers
Promote the benefits of change
The technology works and if not there is a support network to make sure that the sessions is smooth Matrix layout-
Time factor-settling down period-sell the benefits, encourage use of the new and not the old way. Meeting monetary targets regularly
Review progress, communication is key to this with all envoled Communication importance

Every one understands what is expected of them
What is going to happen there are no suprises,
Ensure smooth running of the project
Any fears are aired and questions answered.
Innovative ideas may occur which add to the overall running, hadn’t thought about, Feedback is gained and the success can be measured, eg targets, problems experienced, how they were overcome. Knowledge can be shared to and by the team
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