Topics: Qualitative research, Data Protection Act 1998, Data Pages: 2 (783 words) Published: November 20, 2014

Part A. (A.C 1.1, 1.2, 2.1, 2.2) (650 words)

Your Organisation has a new HR Director. You have been requested to review the organisation’s approach to collecting, storing and using HR data and produce a statement on your findings. The HR Director has asked you to cover the following:

2 reasons why the organisation needs to collect HR data
2 types of data that is collected within the organisation and how each supports HR practices A description of 2 methods of storing records and the benefits of each 2 essential items of legislation relating to the recording, storage and accessibility of HR data (You may refer to European law or your local law requirements.)

Aya Medhat
Abudawood Group

Collecting HR data is vital for organization decision making. There are top priority topics that need our attention: 1- The organization has been suffering from high turnover rates in the past two years specially in the sales force. A phenomenal rate of 40% turnover was recorded by the end of the quarter. Immediate actions has to be taken to lower this number to 20% by the end of next quarter. 2- L&D budget has been doubled this fiscal year with a special approval from the board of directors, HR needs to prove positive change is happening with regards the annual learning activities.

Both qualitative and quantitative data are required to enable HR to Plan, solve issue , drive and justify decisions. 1- Quantitative data in term of percentages of turn over (monthly, quarterly, and annually) has to be calculated. Markets rates within the same industry has to be considered. Qualitative input should be included as well from exit interviews. 2- Accurate data must be kept about all the learning activities taking place in the organization, whether they are internal or external, classroom or on the job, accurate database is maintained of the participants’ names, levels, locations, jobs, contacts, number of...
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