12 Angry Men Study Questions

Topics: Family, Marriage, Mother Pages: 6 (1465 words) Published: April 13, 2016

1. What are the typical and/or atypical mid-life developmental milestones you see Judd facing in this movie?

Some typical mid-life developmental milestones I saw Judd facing was his job and his wife, Quinn. At Judd’s age, many males and females have a steady job and a wife or husband to come home to. Judd was obviously very knowledgeable in his job and many people admired the way he worked, especially his boss. The other typical mid-life developmental milestone Judd was facing was his life with his wife. Even during the first couple of scenes you knew that Judd loved his wife very much. While he was even at work, he was planning a special day for his wife’s birthday and even planned leaving work early to spend the majority of the day with...

In the very first couple scenes, I saw a man who was truly in love with his job and his wife. However, his happily ever after did not end so happily. After catching his wife in bed with his boss and then finding out a day or so later that his father passed away, Judd’s life began to spiral out of control even faster than it already was. After receiving news of the request his father had asked, he was told that he needed to live at home for seven days in order to properly mourn the death of his fathers. The next seven days at home created a huge mess for the family. There were arguments and physical fights, but there was also love and affection from each family member. Judd was thrown several curve balls while he was at home as well, but he handled them all very well for the most part. Throughout this whole time Judd was very generous of his time, but he was also questioning what he wanted to do with his life. He spent time with this family, but also wondered if his father would be happy with how his life was. This is why Judd was stuck in the Generativity and Stagnation stage. In the end, Judd was able to figure out what he wanted to do with his life and knew he had a clean slate after the storm he...

Growing up Judd had three other siblings who fought for the attention of their parents. This constant search for attention created a lack of Trust versus Mistrust. With Judd having his other three siblings, it created a difficulty for their parents to devote a ton of attention for them. Yes, Trust versus Mistrust occurs during the first year of life, however, I believe it continues to roll into the all of their lives. Also, with Judd’s parents having three other children, plus working it caused them to struggle balancing the time shared with each...
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