Issues and Analysis Paper

Topics: Opt-out, Opting out, Opt-outs in the European Union Pages: 4 (1370 words) Published: February 15, 2012
Issues and Analysis Paper
Geraldine Williams
PSY 375Life Span Human Development
October 24, 2011
Mr. Stanley Ellis

Issues and Analysis Paper
Elite professional women have a choice of opting out in today’s society from the high powered jobs to focus more on raising their children. “For years, most feminists have stressed respect for women's choices” (Young, 2005, Para. 2). The Pro side of the issue

The Pro side of the issue of professional women “opting out” of work by choice is professional women do have a choice to work or stay- at- home and raise their children. Hirschman, article “Homeward Bound” writes about wealthy women who stay at home with their babies rather than work in the market economy. “According to Linda Hirshman, who identifies as a feminist agrees that “opting out” but is frustrated with the findings suggesting that successful and well-qualified women have put themselves in situations where it makes sense to prioritize parenthood over work”( sic) (The American Prospect, 2005). Professor Linda Hirshman, suggests that women choice feminism was a mistake and feminism needs to become more judgmental, and professional woman who choices to opt out from the workforce are bad choices for society (Young, 2005). (According Young, 2005) “Former career women who put their energy into motherhood may set impossible standards of maternal perfection (you're a bad mom if you don't spend two days hand-making a Halloween costume), and may justify their choice by implicitly denigrating working mothers” (Williams, 2007, Para. 3-9). “The valid point that Hirshman makes about opt-out trend is real and ''choice feminism" does gloss over some real conflicts in the ''mommy wars (Young, 2005, Para. 2). “Companies will be warier of investing in female employees when there is a high risk of women quitting” (Young, 2005, Para. 2). The Weakness of Hirshmans issue is that it has no power to mobilize women to follow the party line in their...

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