12 Angry Men Analysis 6

Topics: Verdict, English-language films, Jury Pages: 3 (965 words) Published: May 23, 2012
In the movie “12 Angry Men” all five methods of influence were used. The Methods of influence such as use of reason, assertiveness, coalition building, higher values, and bargaining were all used by the jurors; whether it was purposely or subconsciously. The influential methods used by juror number eight were the most effective for many reasons. Jurors number three, the messenger service owner, and number ten, the garage owner tried to use the assertiveness method of influence to get their points across. They were screaming and berating at multiple points during the film. It was very clear that they were not going to change their minds. As I was watching the movie, I often wondered how the other jurors are going to get these two men, especially, to switch their allegiance from the guilty verdict. They were so strong-minded and basically tried to fight the other jurors into believing that the kid is guilty. It turned out that these two men had personal motives for their assertive methods of influence. I will discuss these motives in a later paragraph. In a very subconscious and unintentional way, the bargaining method is used in juror number seven’s situation. All he wanted to do was get the whole situation over with, so that he can get to the baseball game. So, for the salesman, voting guilty or not guilty just depended on the majority of the votes. Although it was somewhat immoral; Juror seven’s vote was just a bargaining on him going to a baseball game. It was not something influenced intentionally by any of the other jurors. However, this was the only influence affecting juror seven’s vote. Juror number eight, Davis, the architect, was the most effective of all twelve jurors. He used almost all the methods of influence to change the others mindsets. He was the only one who refused to say that the boy was guilty because he realized the importance of the situation. An eighteen year olds life was hanging in the balance. First, Davis used...
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