SP2750 Unit 9 Journal 1 A leaders Assum

Topics: Leadership, Jury, Scientific method Pages: 2 (336 words) Published: December 4, 2014
1. At first it was Juror #1, who was at the end of the table, but then Juror #8 became the leader. 2. Situational Theory Leadership was demonstrated by all at some points throughout the movie. Also, Juror #1 displayed Great Man, Trait Theory, and Leadership Theory as well. Jurors #5 and #9 demonstrated the Contingency Leadership. 3. Discuss the movie in terms of:

1. Juror #1 is easily frustrated and gets uptight when someone disobeys his authority. He was concerned with maintaining his control and keeping the proceedings formal. 2. Juror #8 displayed a style of leadership that some would say was democratic. He is liberal-minded, courageous, and a decent man. 3. Juror #8 displayed this ability throughout the entire movie. He always had a persuasive but yet argumentative approach to the deliberations. His relevant use of his perspective to others is what gave him the ability to sway others to his direction. 4. Juror #1 showcased this style of authority when he decided to take the role of Foreman for the duration of the trial. 5. Juror #8 displayed this leadership style because from the beginning to the end of the trial, everyone was more than capable to make a decision based the facts that were given during the trial. 4. I believe this was an example of win-win negotiations. I feel this way because towards the end of the movie the other 11 jurors need to come to a conclusion based on facts that were given, and they had to use deductive reasoning to do so. The boy was acquitted with the charges dropped, as a result of the win-win negotiations. 5. Juror #8 was able to convince the other 11 jurors simply because he presented good, valid arguments. He also knew how to separate the fact and fiction from the given facts. 6. Juror #8 showed high regard for others and was very compassionate towards them. This display of character shows a Transformational Leadership Style. He also possessed some leadership attributes such as confidence, communication, intuition, and...
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