1 American Values and Beliefs

Topics: Morality, Washington, D.C., Value Pages: 2 (628 words) Published: December 3, 2014
American Values and Beliefs
The article I`m going to give a review is taken from magazine. It is published under eye-catching headline “American Values and Beliefs”. The front-page headline reads that every nationality has got the own values. Variety of values depends on different points. Introducing the key-points of the article, we should mention the freedom, religion, self-sufficiency, self-esteem, convictions and justice. It is main points of this article. Before I`m going to touch upon the article I would to comment on the problem of values. Values… This word changes with the years. Time change, values change. I was involved into deep thinking by this problem. Every person has own values. There are different type of values: historical, family, state, economical, religious, individual and many others. However, every person should choose what value is? This choice depends on personal qualities. Such as good up brining, honesty, intelligence, education, kindness and so on. But, of course, the moral choice of person depends on the place where he lives, his nation, religion and state order. Coming back to the article the next issue I would like to focus on the American values. The article under discussion may divided into several logically connected parts, which are Cultural roots of mainstream American society; American values; National convictions of Americans. At the beginning of the article, the author starts by telling the reader that before we can fully understand the dominant American worldview we need to analyze the historical and cultural roots of mainstream American society. The author outlines the historical facts from which we can say that freedom is at the center of all that Americans value and hold dear. Further on the author describes that by “freedom” Americans understand the desire and the ability of an individual to control his own life without interference from any organized authority. The author emphasizes the conviction that Americans...
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