1.5 Recruitment and selection procedure

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1.5 Recruitment and selection procedure


Internal Search
The organization advertises some vacancies from internal candidates. This approach can save costs and efficiency to recruit internally. The advantage is that it is not need to speed money on job advertisement or recruitment agencies fees. Moreover, the employee referral is one of the ways to finding some internal candidates. It raise up the employee morale. In Starbucks, the methods of internal recruitment are using job postings and promotion to manage the employees.

External Search
There are some method of recruitment such as advertisement, recruitment agencies, cooperate website, employee referral scheme, etc. In term of recruitment advertisement, the media is one of the channels to reach the candidates to apply the position. The aim of recruitment advertisement is to require attract the possible as required skills and qualifications. In Starbucks, they are using walk-in. Besides that, they are also using the employee referral which is the current employee can recommend the job applicants.


Firstly, the company will consider the personal detail in the application form. The factors of consideration are their personal specification such as skills, experience, qualifications and education. Therefore, they will find the candidates who are fitting with the organization and job criteria. Regarding to Starbucks, they collect some information for doing the job analysis including the job description, job specifications and personal characteristics. As a result, they want to select some suitable candidates to get involved the interview.

With regard to the interview, Starbucks is making use of the group discussion for the interview. Group selection method is most suitable for management posts. It is because it is make the difficult situation for candidates to give prominence for themselves. Apart from this, they will ask the applicants some...

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