MEA Simulation Process Description

Pages: 7 (1537 words) Published: May 11, 2015 MEA Simulation Process Description
The simulation process flow sheet is shown in figure (20) was simulated using a 30 wt. % MEA with lean solvent loading of 0.29 mol CO2/mol MEA to capture CO2 of 84.6 kg/hr. The following description of the MEA process that was run at Tarong pilot plant will be discussed based on the simulation process results were obtained from the Aspen plus V8.4. The flow rate of the flue gas of 599.9kg/hr at 103.7◦C generated from the coal-fired power station entered the pilot plant through the pre-treatment column. The flow rate of flue gas became 585.8kg/hr due to the removed of acidic components and water and its temperature was reduced to approximately 32.6◦C due to cooled process. The amount of cooled water...

% of MEA solvent that is equivalent to 8kmol/hr of MEA and captured 83.91kg/hr CO2 in average. That means; MEA process captured 81.3% of the total CO2 that existed in flue gas which released from the coal-fired power station. On the other hand, 35.2 wt. % PZ solvent is equivalent to 5.2kmol/hr PZ was used an input in the Tarong pilot plant simulation process and captured 88.56kg/hr CO2 in average. As a result, PZ process captured 83.23% of the total CO2 existed in the flue gas which released from the coal-fired power station. The higher captured CO2 using PZ solvent than MEA solvents approved the higher reactivity of PZ solvent. According to the thermal energy requirement for solvent regeneration, PZ process consumed less energy than the MEA process and this result demonstrated another advantage of PZ over MEA. The liquid absorbent in PZ process has higher cyclic loading than in MEA process which will lead to a lower heat requirement in PZ process. Moreover, PZ process has high absorbent loadings that resulting in high performance of the regeneration process of PZ solvent in stripper column. The role of high absorbent loading and cyclic loading was verified by the study of Paul in [38]. Finally, the results showed that PZ solvent acted better than MEA in capturing CO2 through PCC process which was assessed based on the amount of captured CO2 and regeneration energy...
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