1.1 Steps in the Planning Process That Saa Can Follow When Setting Future Objectives

Topics: Democratic Republic of the Congo, Management, Goal, Planning / Pages: 3 (608 words) / Published: Aug 7th, 2013
1.1 Steps in the planning process that SAA can follow when setting future objectives

• Identifying changes that necessitate planning – This is the first step in the planning process where the changes may occur inside or outside the organization. SAA realized that due to a high number of people traveling to central Africa, it would be best for them to meet those people’s needs by expanding their route network by adding a route to Pointe Noire in Congo (Koetle, 2012). This needs proper planning because there will be additional staff members to be hired which means that there will be interviews to be conducted and all the successful candidates to get full training before the route is implemented. SAA will also need to decide on the frequency of the planes going to Congo.
• Establishing goals – This is where SAA needs to establish goals in order to have direction and an understanding of the type of goal as to whether this is a long or short term goal. Research has proven that there are quite a number of Democratic Republic of Congo expatriates in South Africa who have left their loved ones back home and will need to visit them every now and then, therefore, there will always be people traveling to and from Pointe Noire (Koetle, 2012). There are also South African owned companies in Congo which means that business associates will also be grateful for this new route. In order to avoid unnecessary travel which will cause financial implications for SAA, there will only be two flights a week.
• Drawing up premises – SAA’s management team will have to agree on the assumptions regarding the impact that this new route will have to their existing and potential passengers. The assumption is that there frequent flyers will not have an issue traveling because they earn double points, potential passengers will be encouraged to use this airline as their travel nightmare has come to an end and seeing their loved ones or attending business meetings will not be such a

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