Final Strategic Plan and Presentation

Topics: Mission statement, Strategic management, Strategic planning Pages: 3 (803 words) Published: April 28, 2010
Final Strategic Plan and Presentation
Candles and Relaxation

Ani Bagumyan

University of Phoenix



April 19, 2010


Business/475-Intergrated business topics have taught me very important skills that should be used in every business. The knowledge I have gained has let me understand how these strategies are used. The business I have selected will be explained and how important they are. Candles and Relaxations vision, mission, and values in determining my strategic direction will be explained. I have defined the business, product, services and the customers by developing a mission statement. A vision statement will be created to demonstrate all the decisions that are made with Candles and Relaxations, and all these decisions will affect make an effect on the business. Culture, social responsibility, and ethics will be defined as the guiding principles.

Mission Statement
Candles and Relaxation has a priority in having high quality products that satisfy the customer. Employees of all standards are treated the same way, and all their suggestions are taken under considerations and considered to be an option in corporate meetings. Candles and Relaxation is different from other candle stores because we offer 100% employee and customer satisfaction to the very extent. Our business has a goal in having the best possible reputation with the care for the relaxation of our customers. We are committed to take care of our duties in offering products that are organic, and satisfying.

Candles and Relaxations offer candles that are only sold at our store only. These candles are made to have a purpose, and that purpose is to...
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