the effects of implementation of k to 12

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History of Sta. Brigida Elementary School
Sta. Brigida Elementary School is surrounded with evergreen irrigated rice field and rich vegetation. It was named after the late Mrs. Brigida Marte Villamin, wife of the late Mr. Severo de Leon Villamin, a very prominent man and the pioneer of the existence of the said school. It is situated south of boundary of Roxas and Mansalay that is five (5) kilometers of Roxas and seven (7) kilometers from Mansalay. The school is located along the national road, having two hectares site filled with fruit bearing trees and multi-colored flowers, that make a second look and attracts passerby. One may ponder how the school came to be such a beautiful place, that even visitors and strangers pause for admiration.

To begin with, in the year 1950-1951 through energetic Mayor Marciana V. Mariano, the school of Sta. Brigida was initiated to be opened. During those days the school site was purely a wilderness and abode of wild animals. Luckily in July 1950, some of the loyal and hardworking men in the persons of Mr. Severo de Leon Villamin, and Mrs. Ricardo Cruz a barrio lieutenant, and P.T.A. President. They made a petition signed by all the residents of the place that the community is in dire need of a school site and building to house their future and present citizens. With God’s blessing the petition was granted and approved in August 1952 with Mr. Potenciano Antonio being the first supervisor. Through his dynamic guidance and supervision a school building was sprung up from the good coordination, help and untiring effort to good people of Sta. Brigida. A lady teacher was assigned in the person of Miss Marcelina Urbos to organized Grade I classes. The class was first housed temporarily in a private house until finally a school site has been surveyed by Engineer Felemon Ordono and approved by the government under proclamation No. 51 Series of 1962 by the late President Macapagal.

Immediately in 1953 a P.T.A. building was...
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