LDR 300 Week 4 Team Assignment Understanding Strategic Forces Paper

Topics: Leadership / Pages: 11 (3953 words) / Published: Sep 2nd, 2015
Week 4 Understanding Strategic Forces Paper

Leading schools forward in times of financial uncertainty
Today many school teachers as result of the political interventions prefer not to be at helm of the process of developing a school. This has been the case in the recent past since the general election. This has really caught up my attention so much that I have now given up listing to music on my way to school and have sought to listen to the daily news on the radio instead to find out on the educational plans, economic reforms and budget cuts of the coalition government.
Many people at the school showed unhappiness if not a moderate response to the government’s comprehensive budget plans that were declared on 20th October. At that time we were anticipating to make some daily improvement in the school after going through considerable change and development for nearly three years resulting from local reorganization.
We were hoping for a suitable moment and a calm atmosphere to announce some productive plans as the school reopened on September 1st. However, as we heard that ICT budgets were being reduced, with the closure of Becta, we felt uneasy about our ability to meet the costs of developing a virtual learning environment and online reporting system. The status quo was such, that we felt concerned whether we would have the school leadership programs and the support from the National College in the future. Also we were afraid whether our exam office and middle leaders would continue to have the support and advice of the QCDA in relation to GCSE assessment and curriculum design. As the budget cuts began to spread across a number of organizations, we were worried whether we would be forced to search for home made solution or do things ourselves for the services that had been made available to us in the past.
However, we felt a great respite to hear that the school budgets had not faced the same fate as other government departments and would

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