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Good Morning Tourist. How are you? I am Lovely Mae Dueñas you can call me ate Lovely and I am your tourist guide for today. We are now here in De La Salle Lipa. Before we start our tour let me to say our itinerary. First the lobby and we are now here in the lobby, and then we will go to the Claro M. Recto Building or CMR. After CMR we will now proceed to the Animo Book Store and then to Saint Brother Miguel Hall or BM Building after BM left side was the Hasyenda left side of Hasyenda was the Mutien Marie Building and then Integrated School Registrar, and there is a little path way going to Old gym, and then the back of the old gym was the Hall of Lasallian Saints, and then Scuvillion Building to Food palace, when we were there in the Food place I will give you 20 minutes break to buy stuff. After 20 minutes we will go to the IS Guidance office just beside of the food palace and Old gym, and then Side gate, Tent City, Playing area, Faculty Room of IS, and the front of the faculty room and right side of the playing area was the Br. Benilde Building, and from there you can see the Senten. After Br. Benilde Building we will go to Gregory Building, Oval, and then ILFO and the front of the ILFO was the Ecopark and Lovers Lane. To Capilla and the right side of the capilla was the Sentrum there is also located the Loading Bay, and the front of the Sentrum is the Statue of St. John Baptist De La Salle. And the back of the Sentrum was the General Miguel Malvar Building and Tennis court and right side of the Sentrum was the Sen. Jose Diokno Building and Chez Rafael and after that we will go to the tertiary area the south lounge, Mabini Hall, Students Park, Jose Rizal Noli and Jose Rizal Fili, North lounge, and IT Domain. And that is our itinerary.

But before we start our itinerary please synchronize your time, the time in my watch now is exactly 8:00 am. Do you see this white and green flags? This flags serve as a signal, this green flag telling that do not go in far

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