the amazon of innovation

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1) Amazon’s constant expansion and thriving innovations prove to show Amazon and their employees are able and willing to collaborate productively. Amazon’s business lines can be grouped into thress major categories: Online retailing, Order fulfillment , Cloud services , including Kindles and online media. During the 2010 holiday season where orders were shipped to 178 countries and 9 million units being shipped during their peak order-fulfillment day (Kroenke 29). Based off the volume of those orders and units, one could not help but think that collaborating and teamwork played a major role in making that period a success. We could also look at prior knowledge of Amazon and the development of their Kindle Series and Kindle bookstore which shows a great example of collaboration.

2)Beginning in 1994, the widely popular Amazon was just a small, and it’s a first online bookstore. Although you wouldn’t have known it back then, but Amazon soon became the business model for online retailing. In 1999, Amazon tried to do actions with their site. Online actions are a major characteristic of online sales so Amazon tested out. They failed against eBay, they never made any progress that will make their website advance.

3)Employees at Amazon must be able to perform abstract thinking and system thinking by using online web services to keep the company effective. In order to process specific information, Amazon workers must be able to have admission to Amazons information system

4)People, The worker and customer, Hardwar, software, and Data.

5)I believe the five set of innovations assisted Moore’s Law because of the the way amazon made use of the technology, it helps its company to grow and expand.

6)My reaction will be to question the length of time that employee has been working and then think about having them terminated due to lack of knowledge of company.

7)The skills you need are : system thinking skill, collaboration skills, abstract...
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