Mgt 330 External-Internal Factors Paper

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External-Internal Factors

There are many internal and external factors that can affect how a business is developed and maintained. has been molded from many of these factors that exist within their business and their macroenvironment. Macroenvironment is defined as the most general elements in the external environment that potentially influence strategic decisions (Bateman & Snell, 2009). Internal business factors can include new entrants, buyers, suppliers, rivals, substitutes and complements, and the competitive environment Amazon is faced with. The macroenvironment introduces the economy, technology, laws and politics, demographics, and social values that may affect Amazon’s progress as a leading, online retail provider. In planning their business, Amazon had to take into account all internal and external factors to avoid catastrophic troubles while beginning their company. The same concept holds true, even today. Internal and external factors affect the planning, organizing, leading, and controlling (four functions of management) functions of management involved in the successful and continual growth of Amazon’s company. Their company began as a planned rival to Google and Microsoft, for lead in the online retail industry. With their original focus, Amazon used four different key values to help their business off-the-ground, and stay focused on their personalized progress. Their ability to zone-in on customers, dynamic pricing, personalized service, and brand variety was their plan for success (Amazon, 2011). It became a primary goal for Amazon to make their customers’ online shopping experience easier and more enjoyable while supplying dynamic pricing options and the convenience of a ‘one-stop’ retail ordering system. The business model of Amazon included selling books, compact discs, movies, electronics, and games. Currently, Amazon has the largest online retail selection because it extends its inventory out to offer home...

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