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Topics: Cerebrospinal fluid, Generalized anxiety disorder, Neurology Pages: 2 (357 words) Published: September 2, 2013
NU 545 Unit 2 Study Guide

1.Review the anatomy of the brain. Which portion is responsible for keeping you awake, controlling thought, emotions and behavior, maintaining balance and posture? 2.Where is the primary defect in Parkinsons disease and Huntingtons? 3.What is the function of the CSF? Where is it produced? Where is it absorbed? 4.Review blood flow to the brain.

5.What is the gate control theory of pain?
6.What are the two types of fibers that transmit the nerve action potentials generated by excitation of any of the nociceptors. 7.What is the relationship between epinephrine and body temperature? 8.What ways do we loose body heat?

9.What is heat exhaustion? Stroke?
10.Define the different stages of sleep.
11. Discuss disorders of the conjunctivia of the eye.
12. Which part of the eye controls movement of the eye?
13.What part of the brain must be functioning for cognitive operations? 14.Discuss the types of mid-brain dysfunction and its physical symptoms. 15.Define seizure and status epiteopticus. What is the medical significance? 16.Closed head injury may cause what type symptoms?

17.Define dyskinesia. Types?
18.Discuss the stages of intracranial hypertension.
19.What is responsible for the tremors associated with Parkinsons Disease? 20.Define concussion.
21.What happens to a patient after an acute spinal cord injury? Why is it life threatening? Describe the clinical manifestations. Why would their temperature fluctuate? 22.Define and discuss the different types of stroke.

23.Define and describe the clinical manifestations of multiple Sclerosis. 24.Define and discuss Guillian Barre Syndrome, Multiple Sclerosis, Mysthenia Gravis, Parkinsons disease. 25.Prenatal and perinatal factors may result in what psychiatric condition? 26.What is schizophrenia? What part of the brain is associated with the S/S of this disorder? 27.Define depression and its types.

28.How Does ECT (electroconvulsive therapy) treat...
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