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HIST 2020 First Examination Study Guide
There will be three sections on the examination. The first section will be twenty multiple-choice questions, from Making America and the lecture material. The second section will be a short-answer question that will address the requisite reading in Portrait of America. The third section will be an essay question. The material for the possible essay questions is from Making America and the lectures. There are three possible essay questions listed on this study guide, two will be on the examination, and of those two that are on the examination you will choose one to answer. Your short-answer and essay response must be as specific as possible, as details are the key to doing well on the writing portions of the examination.

Point Breakdown

Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Total Points

20 questions, one point each
1 Question, twenty points
1 Essay, sixty points

20 Points
20 Points
60 Points
100 Points

Multiple-Choice Section

Twenty multiple-choice questions will address the lecture material and Chapters 16-19 in
Berkin, et. al., Making America. This is a list of terms that are the basis of the multiplechoice questions on the examination. Some of the terms are very general, while some are very specific. This is because some multiple-choice questions on the examination are very general, while others are more specific. 

1902 Anthracite Coal Strike
Booker T. Washington
Gospel of Wealth (1889)
Granger Laws
Hepburn Act
Homestead Act
Interstate Commerce Commission
Jane Addams
Lost Cause

Mississippi Plan
New South
Pendleton Act
Plessy v. Ferguson (1896)
Railroad Pools
Theodore Roosevelt

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Short-Answer Section
There will be one short-answer question from the reading by Paula A. Treckel, "The Lady
Versus Goliath: Ida

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