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Test 3 Study Guide
1. In melting pot assimilation, each group:

2. The split labor market causes fears about:

3. Displacement in a split labor market refers to displacing:

4. Prejudice is a:

5. Prejudice is an overt act barring people from social institutions:

6. In the US, the largest minority group is:

7. Institutional discrimination:

8. The minority group that has the lowest life expectancy:

9. Assimilation and pluralism:

10. The Chinese have a history of being assimilated into American Culture rapidly

11. Jewish Americans are distinguished from the majority of Americans on the basis of their

12. Minority groups are that:

13. Jobs in the secondary work force are being moved to third world countries where women work for low wages

14. Swedish women receive one year paid when they have ababy

15. One major reason women earn less then men is that

16. Gender is differentiated from sex in that gender pertains to

17. In the US women’s movement focused on

18. Gender roles in a society are related to structure

19. S. F believe women in the work force will

20. Women;s economic role in society is

21. When wives work and husbands are unemployed

22. Women’s negative self perceptions are often based on

23. At the beginning of the 20th C

24. Medieval women

25. The word career describes any job

26. The function of social placement means that families

27. In dual career familes, household chores are usually assigned to

28. All societies have norms of both exogamy and endogamy

29. Choice of marriage partner is regulated in the US by norms of

30. Childbearing is a natural drive that over the years have been inhibited

31. The chief means of sexual regulation is by

32. A child is born and raised in his or her family of procreation

33. The most common form of polygamy is

34. A one parent family is usually

35. The structure of families is

36. In ? The marriage rate reached an unprecented and to date unsurpassed peak

37. Heterosexual cohabitation is

38. The sacred was defined by Derkheim as anything

39. Animism is a type of religion involving

40. The belied in supernatural powers is

41. Another function of religion is to reinforce social control

42. Religious systems are

43. New religious movements in the US reflect the social need for

44. Shamanism is a type of religion in which centers on the

45. Religion develops out of group experiences

46. Scared things have a sacred quality recognized in all societies

47. A cult differs from a sect in that a cult

48. All religions have sacred objects and beliefs even when they have no organization

49. American denomenations are distinguished on the basis of

50. One function of religion is to preserve and solidify the society

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