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Flexible working hours is very important on perspective of employers and employees in Malaysia. Companies that offer flexible working schedules are the key to luring professional women back into the workforce. Flexible work arrangements was a tried and true strategy used by advanced economies and offered a work-life balance that was becoming essential in attracting and retaining employees, especially mothers who wanted more time with their family. [The Star Online, July 2013]

A system of flexible working hours gives employees some choice over the actual times they work their contracted hours. Such a system can be a good way of recruiting and retaining the staff. This system provides an opportunity for employees to work hours consistent with their other commitments. Flexibility in the organization is also recognized as a valuable tool in achieving greater business productivity. This approach supports work life balance, a concept providing the flexibility necessary for employees to manage the balance between what needs to be achieved at work and their personal commitment outside the organization.

This research is substantial in getting the information of the advantages, disadvantages and ways to implement flexible working hours practices. Achieving a work life balance between the needs of home and work is a win for the employee and the employer. Flexible working hours management is important to increase productivity and objective of the organization in Malaysia. At the end of the research, Recommendations could be made for companies to decide to implement flexible working hour in their organization.


Most of employees want the flexibility of working hour to have a balance between work and their other responsibilities and lifestyle. For examples, parents may want to spend more time with their family, study part-time to gain qualifications or to attend cultural and sporting events and commitments. But there are have several problem or issues of flexible working hours, it is time and cost. For employment problems that are poorly handled can be time consuming and costly. Showing good faith in all negotiations with your employees is a critical element in handling problems.

For employee problems, time management also can be the main problem in flexible working hours, for example scheduling meetings for when you are in the office, may cause difficulties with other staff who feel their time is being arranged around your needs. Other than that, communication can be challenging. Mobile phones, teleconferencing or videoconferencing may not always work or always be suitable. Working part time may result in missing team meetings or informal communications.

The purpose of the research is to get the result either flexible working hour are suitable or relevant to use in Malaysia or not. The respondents of the research will be employee and employer from several private companies. Respondents will also be from government department.


1. To analyze the advantages from employer & employee perspective on flexible working hours 2. To identify the disadvantages for employer & employee on flexible working hours implementation. 3. To recommend the suggestion on how to implement the flexible working hours in the organization.


1. What is the advantage of flexible working hours?

2. What is the disadvantage of flexible working hours?

3. How to implement flexible working hours in the organization?


This study focuses on employer, employee and focus for employee in the organization. Flexible working seems to be more beneficial for health and wellbeing where the individuals control their own work patterns, rather than where employers are in control....

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