Work Flexibility Research

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Assessment tools 3
Q1: Write a purpose statement
To provide information on how employee fulfill the obligations of their positions when work arrangements wherein employees are given greater scheduling freedom.

Q2: Find three sources of information relation to this purpose statement and provide the following information. Source 1
Title: Success with flexible work practise
Author: Carol Davies
Date of publication: Nov 1997
Publisher: Type of information: Secondary information
Brief summary of information: Provides suggestions and options for employer on developing and managing equitable flexible work practices. Is this information useful?
Yes, it is relevant.
Source 2
Title: Workplace flexibility
Author: N/A
Date of publication: N/A
Type of information: Primary information
Brief summary of information: Aims to promote awareness of the importance of flexible work practices in increasing employee satisfaction and retention rates. Is this information useful?
Yes, it is accurate and relevant

Source 3
Title: The journal of Psychology
Author: Christine Cadena
Date of publication: 31st March 2010
Publisher: Yahoo! Contributor network
Type of information: Secondary information
Brief summary of information: Offer flexible work schedule maybe the answer for your company high turnover rate of employee. Is this information useful?
Yes it is relevant and reliable.

Q3: list four keywords and two Boolean searches you might use to find relevant information online. Keywords
* Flexible work
* employee turnover
* work arrangement
* work and life balance
Boolean searches
* Flexible work practices, reduce employee turnover
* Working and life balance, work arrangement

Q4: What are appropriate data collection methods for this project? Online research, surveys or questionnaire...
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