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Working Time

* What are your ambitions for the future? * Do you hope to gain any qualifications? * What are the advantages of studying instead of working? Work * Can you describe your job to me? * What do you do for a living? * How long have you been doing it? * Can you describe one of your typical working days? * What’s your daily routine on a working day? * Why did you choose to do that job? * What things do you enjoy about your work? Why? * What do you think is the attraction of your...

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Workaholics: Working Time and Work

distinguish between workaholic and work model? As a workaholic, working occupies one’s rest time even weekend. For example, it is common that a person only sleeps five hours a night or just eats a hamburger all day long in the US. For them it is natural to feel mental satisfaction while working, even forget the feeling of hungry and tired. The time with family becomes to shrink. And they don’t need any entertainment or leisure time. However, work model is the one who has a healthy and positive...

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Working Time and Descriptive Workaholic I.

feel that they are doing a perfect job, but in reality, they are taking more time to get things accomplished and, probably, spending more money while missing deadlines and suspense dates only to end up with a product that is not even correct. Workaholism also has significant effects on one’s home life. Workaholics spend most of the day at work, so that when he or she gets home, the spouse complains about how much time he spends at the office and the kids cry and complain “When are you going to...

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Questionnaire: Working Time and Disagree Strongly Disagree

Flexible working hours d. Working environment e. Approachable supervisor f. Cooperative peers g. Feedback mechanism h. Recognition i. Motivation / Incentives j. Remuneration at par with other company k. Scope for career growth l. Scope for skill development 7. Please select the factors that are missing in your current job. (Please tick one or more option) a. Job security b. Job satisfaction c. Flexible working hours d. Working environment ...

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working hours

Long working hours harms more than it can benefit Introduction ‘Working hours of laborers has become increasingly burdensome and invasive’ (Donis, 2003). Over the past half century, economy growth has caused large amounts of changes in work organization and management. As an important aspect of work organization and management, working hours of stuff has caused much concern. However, working hours seem to become longer as the economy growth. According to Acirrt (cited in Pocock 2001, p.4), full-time...

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Working Hour

Contractual hours of work * Maximum working hours * Break time * Overtime Allowance * Rest Days Definition of terms * A “week” refers to a continuous period of seven days commencing on Monday and ending on Sunday. * An employee's “hours of work” is the period during which the employee is expected to carry out the duties assigned by his/her employer. It does not include any intervals allowed for rest, tea breaks and meals. Maximum working hours An employee is not allowed...

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Working Hours

industry was due to the discrimination against any secondary student who wanted to work after school hours but could not work the required minimum of three hours because of school hours clashing with business closing times. Secondary school students do wish to have flexible working hours as they might want to get off work early when they have exams or assignments. For example, a student might prefer to work a shorter shift as HSC is an important examination. More hours of study should be allocated...

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Flex Working Hours

FLEXIBLE WORKING POLICIES: A COMPARATIVE REVIEW The long hours culture and the intensification of work Both a cap on working hours, and a broader reorganisation of working time, are necessary pendants to policy approaches based on individual rights to flexible working. The experience in countries such as Germany, France and Denmark shows that reductions in working hours, where employees are consulted over implementation, can provide greater work-life balance without reducing competitiveness...

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Advantages of working from home

(Marcia Reed-Woodard, Dec 2005). For a company, employees working from home may save them time, space and money. But for an employee, the benefits are much greater. In addition to the above mentioned factors, the employees benefit with flexibility in working hours, avoid distractions and family commitments are easily fulfilled. The greatest advantage is the time factor which can make the job much comfortable working from home. Often at times, time, becomes your ally, expanding or contracting to conform...

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Law to Limit the Number of Working Hours

In recent years, working time laws have become central to national and international debate. The reduction of working hours is one of the objectives of the labour law. About half of 103 countries have adopted normal limit of 40 hours or less and the others are between 42 to 48 hours a week. In Malaysia, the employment act requires an employees’ to work no more than 48 hours in a week. With presence of the law, it is a positive development as the employees can achieve a lot such as, a work-life...

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