Reaction Time

Topics: Brain, Human brain, Visual perception Pages: 4 (1036 words) Published: September 17, 2013
Reaction Time

Reaserch Question: To design on investigation into stimuli ( sight/sound ) that may affect reaction time ( time taken for a response to occur in reaction to a stimulus.)

Background information:
Humans perceive their outside world through five senses: touch ,sight, taste, smell and sound. The reason why we have the 5 major senses is to detect and discriminate among the signals that comes from our environment. These signals carry information necessary for us to support our vital functions, such as taste and smell in eating, as well as functions used in communicating with others and in our work, such as sight, touch, and hearing.

Reaction time shows that sound stimuli is faster that visual stimuli. This because the sensory process for light is more neurologically complex than for sound stimuli.

Sound stimuli have shorter distance to the brain than the visual stimuli. The sound stimuli is processed in ear then it sent to the temporal lobe and back to the ear, but the visual stimuli is going to the back of the brain to occipital lobe and then back to eyes. This is why the distance of sound stimuli is shorter, because the light or the picture can not sent straight to the brain.

Hypothesis: The reaction time will be smaller when the tested person is going to be exposed to the sound stimuli., because sound reaches the brain faster than a visual impulse.

Independent Variable: Stimuli (Sight/ Sound)

Dependent Variable: Reaction time

Controlled Variables:
Controlled Variables| How do we control them?|
Timer| After each trial, we have to press the button restart, because we have to start counting from 0( seconds)| Partner’s Hand | The person that I was testing had to hold his hand above the Stop button. So whenever he /she hears the sound of a button or sees when I press the Start button, he/she has to react and press stop button as fast as possible.| Age of...
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