Preventing Bullying in Schools

Topics: Bullying, Victim, Education Pages: 2 (537 words) Published: February 25, 2013
Nikki Taylor
January 30, 2013

Preventing Bullying In Schools

In order to prevent bullying educators and parents must work closely together by documenting every incident, as well as making both sets of parents aware in every bullying situation, it’s also imperative to provide education to all students, parents, and staff, not to mention the importance of frequent anonymous survey usage in the school for the students.

It is vital to know who, what, when, where, and why in every bullying situation. When staff, parents, and even children come together and report, document, and discuss, it can prevent further issues. The “bully’s” name should be put into the database along with the time, location, and what offense happened. Perhaps in Colby’s case, if the students name were in some sort of database, the school would have seen the history of his past bullying behavior, and recognized my son was simply defending himself. All staff, parents, bus drivers, cafeteria workers, volunteers, and anyone actively involved in the school, should be required to sign a form stating they are responsible for reporting any incident of bullying they witness, just as a DCFS worker is required to report abuse.

It is essential that both parents of victim and aggressor are informed after every offense. The victim’s parents need to be informed so they can be alert. Now is the time they would be actively watching for warning signs in their children. They may have been a victim for quite some time prior to this one incident. The child may need counseling or other help.

The bully’s parents need to be informed for a couple of reasons. First, the child should be punished, as bullying should not be taken likely. Secondly, the parents may have no idea their child is a bully. Girls are likely to be more social in their bullying, however, boys are physical. If the problem is not addressed at an early age it can lead to and undesired future for the bully and/or the...
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