Anxiety and Role Model

Topics: Anxiety, Human, 2006 albums Pages: 1 (285 words) Published: June 5, 2013
You see me, I see you
But, who am I? and who are you?, one might ask.
As we walk side by side in the lacerated hallways of terror, We know not what the future days await.

As you stand before me, I cringe in disbelief.
My heart beats thunderously in anxiety and discomfort.
Shivering in fright, as I no longer possess my dignity to move on, The most subtle thought overcome me.

Why do I fear this troubled human being like myself?
Through driven fear and lack of self-confidence,
Perhaps I misjudged my own comfort and characterized it as insecurities Or maybe I am dreading the possible outcome if I just happened to be courageous.

But I will rise above it all
I will rise above hypocrisy and your bounding shackles
I will rise above the changing stereotypes of society
I will rise above your control over me.

I will stand out and rise above the occasion,
Being the example for all others, who are in denial or living in fear I will stand out as a role model,
For not letting the troubled one get the best of my emotions, and taking away my pride and joy. The authorities must be aware of the incidents.
Bullying should not be tolerated, and set as an example for possible victims. We do not ask for this life, but it is a matter of an unlucky draw. You think you have taken over my emotions, but your heart has been decimated and tarnished.

As a result, I bid thee farewell
Farewell towards your future of regrets and misfortunes.
Farewell to your misjudgment, and arrogance.
And Farewell to my dreadful past of fear and cowardice.
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